University ERP

  • System Setup
  • Maintain Programs
  • Maintain Schools
  • Maintain Courses
  • Maintain Program Courses
  • Maintain Exams
  • Maintain Exam grades
  • Maintain Exam grade details
  • Maintain Fees
  • Maintain Academic Year
  • Maintain Academic Calendar
  • Admit To Next Year
  • Admission Process
  • Register Students
  • View Student/Application List
  • Allot Roll Nos.
  • Auth student courses
  • Cancel Provisional Admission
  • Examination Process
  • Compute Grade Points
  • Authorize Theory Marks
  • Admission Reports
  • Print Student Course Registration Form
  • Print Semester wise List of Student Courses/C Form
  • Print Semester wise Course Student Summary
  • Print New Student Admission List
  • Print Category wise Admission Summary
  • Print School wise registered student course list
  • Print Encoded Student List
  • Print Theory Marks List
  • Print Debar candidate List
  • Print Practical Marks List
  • Print Course wise Result sheet
  • Print Grade Card
  • Marks Authorization Status Report
  • Certificates
  • Print Bonafide Certificate
  • Print Prov. Certificate
  • Allotment of classes.
  • Assigning Subjects
  • Marks Entry class wise
  • Managing timetable
  • Faculty management
  • Monthly fees card
  • Admission fees
  • Term fees
  • Exam fees
  • Admin fees
  • Other  fees
  • Transportation Management
  • Payroll
  • Time & attendance
  • Performance record
  • Absence management
  • Daily timetable
  • Exam timetable
  • Schedule master
  • Faculty time table
  • Library management
  • Department  wise items  management
  • Warehouse management
  • Manage Items
  • add, modify items
  • categories items
  • Update opening stock daily or weekly(date wise)
  • Update closing stock automatically daily or weekly
  • Monthly requirement stock report
  • Available stock report
  • notifications for empty stock items
  • Other reports

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