Construction ERP

Essential ERP is construction ERP, which is short for construction enterprise resource planning software. It combines advanced enterprise technologies with decades of construction industry experience into one, integrated system. Going beyond traditional construction management software, Essential ERP also incorporates document, content, and business process management capabilities, empowering contractors. 

Everyone’s business has unique needs. From distribution, to manufacturing, construction, land development, and more, we’ve spent time analyzing business processes so that you can have the perfect solution for your industry. Make the move towards a sustainable Essential ERP with inotro Help your business become more efficient and more effective with a solution that helps meet Essential ERP goals. Take advantage of increased management insight and agility without having to compromise power or functionality

  1. Engineering
  2. Purchase
  3. Sales
  4. Accounts and Finance
  5. General Expenses
  6. HR & Payroll
  7. Rental
  8. Property Management
  9. Document Management
  10. Mobile Solutions
  11. Customer Relationship Management
  12. Inventory Management and Operations
  13. Business Intelligence and Reporting
  14. To Do Task management
Features provided with Essential ERP
  •  Efficient contract management
  • User can change orders as per changing needs
  • Project costing & Estimation
  • Manage documentation required to control overall process
  • Equipment & facility Management
  • Monitor procurement activities
  • Project scheduling
  • Generate accurate & effective
  • RA bills
  • Perfect contract administration
  • Preparation of regular reports

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