Collage/School ERP

Collage / School ERP

iNOTRO institutional ERP is a revolutionary institutes management application introduced to simplify the complexities faced in daily institutional operations. Within no time, iNOTRO has reached millions of people and now it is been used by hundreds of educational institutions all over the globe for all management, administration and education related activities. Use iNOTRO institutional ERP to effectively manage processes and operations related to teachers, students, courses, employees and so on. iNOTRO institutional ERP is a customizable application that suits for a variety of educational institutions.

Module Services

  • Admission Management
    • Student Registration.
    • Admission of confirmed student.
    • Cancel Admission.
    • Issuing Transfer Certificates.
    • Generating Bonafide Certificates, NOCs.
    • Issuing I-Cards.
    • Admission Report
  •  Teacher Management 
    • Allotment of classes.
    • Assigning Subjects
    • Marks Entry class wise
    • Managing timetable
    • Faculty management
    • Teacher performances
  • Student Management
    • Track each student performance.
    • Track class wise or individual performance.
    • Generate student or class wise
  • Fees Management
    • Monthly fees card
    • Admission fees
    • Term fees
    • Exam fees
    • Admin fees
    • Other fees
  • Exam Management
    • Grade Card
    • Marks Authorization Status Report
    • Subject wise Result sheet
    • Exam wise result report
    • Class wise result report
    • Extracurricular activity progress report
    • Extra abilities report card
  • Time table management
    • Daily timetable
    • Exam timetable
    • Schedule master
    • Faculty time table
  • Library management
    • Books management
    • Student accounts
    • Due calculator
    • Customize library function
    • RFID based BT card
  • Historical data Management
    • Historical data entry of old student /current year admissions( VAS)

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